It’s possible to grow a small account when you have a strategy and system in place. When trading I utilize technical analysis to determine if the price of a stock is more likely increase or decrease. Losing trades do happen, it’s inevitable. However, if you learn how to identify high probability setups and limit your losses while maximizing your gains you can grow your account.

Small wins certainly compound and add up quickly! Even though I had an issue with my system on Day 10 and took a larger loss than I had planned for, I was still able to come back from that loss and continue growing the account.

This short case study displays the data where I started a $500 account and grew it by 375% in just 3 weeks.

Here are a few additional stats:

Daily Win Rate: 14/16 Days= 87.50%
Win/Loss Ratio: 21/25 Trades = 84.00%

Max Consecutive Winning Trades: 8
Max Consecutive Losing Trades: 1

Max consecutive Winning Days: 6
Max Consecutive Losing Days 1

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