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It’s hard finding the right person to teach you what you want to learn, even with all the fun personalities & free content available to us. I originally wanted to learn on my own, then I quickly realized how long it could take me. Investing in my education sped up the process and is helping me create a clearer picture to what I want to achieve. I’ve been practicing what I’ve learned from the Trading Mechanics Course and am having success.

Before I came to Trade with Resolve I didn’t know anything about technical analysis or even how to open up a brokerage account. The courses were easy to understand and very simplistic. Keshia was there to answer all of my questions and it made my learning easy and enjoyable. She is also very prompt with responding to my emails. I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to learn how to invest in the stock market.


Hi Keshia, I want to reach out and let you know that I've spent thousands of dollars on courses and I can say your courses are untouchable. Especially the way you teach, it's amazing. I can't believe other programs are selling for $3,000-$5,000 or more, it's sad. But I'm glad I found you on YouTube and invested in your courses. When I bought the courses and put in the work, it changed my life! Thank you, I appreciate it.


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In this course, we will simplify market terminology, the flow of the market and cover how you can profit regardless of market conditions. Did you know you can make a profit even if the price of a stock or security goes down? Bring simplicity to your investing.

Day Trading Futures for $100 Profit

Day Trading Futures for $100 Profit

In this live futures online day trading video, we will take a look at a live trade on MNQ Nasdaq Micro E-mini Futures using the TradingView platform. I take a long position with just 2 contracts anticipating continuation to the upside. This setup indicated that the...

Trading Futures – $140 in Minutes

Trading Futures – $140 in Minutes

  In this live day trading futures video, we are going to take a look at two scalp short trades on MNQ. MNQ - Micro e-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures. Each MNQ contract is worth $2 per point. I take a short position for a 15 point profit on the first trade of the day....

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