Trading Resources & Gear

Our recommended tools and gear to help you stay motivated and reach your desired results.


You Will Learn About the Flow of the Market, Market Terminology, How to Profit Regardless of Market Conditions & Much More!

Recommended Trading Platforms

TradingView is extremely user-friendly and is offered at an affordable price. There are a number of unique features such as the RVR tool (long/short position tool) to quickly calculate and see your risk to reward ratio right on the chart. You can connect to the Trading view platform with a number of brokers such as AMP futures, Tradestation, Gemini,, Oanda, and more!

Webull is a great site and mobile app to utilize for trading or investing. No minimum deposit and $0 commissions. Sign up and get a free stock to jumpstart your portfolio!

Trading Books & Gear

These are the products we highly recommend to assist you in your trading and investing. Investing in reliable equipment, books to help cultivate a winner’s mindset, and tools to aid in productivity are a must!

Ergonomics is important for your health. Consider an affordable motorized standing desk or other accessories for your office!

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